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Why You Matter

According to recent Gallup polls and statistics from the CDC, stay-at-home moms now have "alarmingly high" rates of anger, depression and even suicide. We live in an era where the “community” box is checked by way of social media, and yet the immense feeling of isolation and sadness can persist. Compounding this issue is the feeling of a lack of purpose and productivity for many stay at home moms who either don’t work or attempt to work at home in isolation while also juggling children. The Well was built for these precious women: those yearning for community and those desiring to use their gifts again in the marketplace.

We know that ALL women, single or married, who stay or work from home struggle with the same loneliness. In John 4, when Jesus met the woman at the well, she was alone also. He saw her and offered her living water to refresh her soul. He met her in community and offered her love, grace, and forgiveness. We desire to offer the same for all women. Come and be refreshed in the community at The Well!