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Our Story

It all started one afternoon at a Chick-fil-A when Kristen and Kara met. As they talked about their lives, kids, and callings they discovered a common and, no doubt, God-planted desire: to have a community of their own while providing services for all women in an environment of encouragement and hope. This would be a place where women could grow their businesses, take a class, host or attend a special event, all while having their children participating in a nurturing environment. This big, audacious goal became The Well: a non-profit, not only dedicated to keeping the cost of workspace and classes reasonable but also offering scholarship opportunities for those women who could not otherwise afford to rent a space or take enrichment courses. 

We are passionate about women being set free from isolation, loneliness, addiction, and depression. We have partnered with other non-profits that aid in helping women coming out of traumatic life situations. However, we know that ALL women are fighting secret battles that we cannot see on the surface, and we seek to be a safe place for any woman to come and share their burdens. As women are refreshed and revived at The Well, the hope is that their families and communities will thrive as a result.