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Our mission is two-fold. Not only do we want to offer affordable workspaces, classes, and special events, along with our child watch program, we also want to make The Well accessible to all. We provide scholarship opportunities for women and kids who otherwise could not afford our programs. These scholarships include using our workspaces, taking a class, and providing childcare while women use our facility to its fullest. For kids, scholarships provide times of enrichment and play, as well as tutoring where needed. If you would partner with us, we can make this possible! We cannot be more grateful to or even exist without our donors! You are impacting this community and helping to create a new way of working and doing life for the women of The Well.

  • Your Donations Are Tax Deductible: The Well, Inc. is a Non-Profit Religious Corporation (see our IRS 501(c)(3) Approval Letter) (EIN- 83-2654722)